Friday, September 14, 2012

5th Grade Rhythmic Dictation

Today, I tried my newest pinterest adaptation: Rhythmic Dictation. I created a template for the students to work with, copied it, and used it in my page protectors with the dry erase markers. One side is the staff and one side is now for dictation.

Here is a picture of the template. I adapted this activity from Beth's Music Notes blog. She is wonderful.

First, I asked the students to draw 4 quarter notes in the boxes. Then I told them to write in the numbers of the beats under the boxes. These were easy tasks that everyone did correctly. I had them do a few more exercises like that (for one, they drew a half note and I had them draw a line from the note extending to the last beat of the note) and then we started the dictation. Of course, I had to turn it into a game and they loved it! I would clap a rhythm and the first person who showed it to me on their clipboard written correctly got a piece of candy (That is a 5th grade reward from the classroom teachers...I'm just being consistent)

I am really impressed with how well they were listening and writing the rhythms correctly. I am very pleased with this lesson. The 4th and 5th graders love using the dry erase "boards" (page protectors). 

I haven't tried this lesson with 4th grade, but it is in my plans for next week.

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