Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Music Baseball Game

I want to start this post by stating for the record that I am not very athletic....at all. But, I know that baseball and softball are VERY popular with the kids are my school, especially in the spring. So, after seeing several music themed baseball games on Pinterest, I (with the help of my baseball fan husband) decided to come up with a version. 

I designed this game for middle elementary age. In 2nd grade, we used this game to review everything we have learned from the entire year. I came up with questions from our stories (Peter and the Wolf, Abiyoyo, Follow the Drinking Gourd), rhythm values, and string instruments. The part of the game that got EVERY kid excited is that we are actively playing baseball! They had the chance to throw, catch and run. This was a great end of the year activity.

Here are my modified rules:
(remember...I'm not athletic at all)
  • Two teams; no catcher, no pitcher
  • Offensive team answers a question correctly, that team member throws the ball (as if they had just hit it). If the team misses the question, that counts as an out.
  • Once the ball as been "hit", the defensive team has the opportunity to catch the ball and tag the base to receive an out.
  • Three outs and the teams switch positions in the same inning.
  • If a runner makes it to home plate, they score a run.
  • If one team scored 5 runs, we switched.

    Helpful hints:
  • I made a rough scorecard to help me keep track of runs and outs. The kids are really good about remembering the outs, but I just wanted to be safe. I had to write it down because between asking questions, ruling on plays and keeping track of the score, I would have forgotten.
  • My music class is a 50 minute block. We probably played for 40 minutes and got through 5 innings.
  • This is a versatile game! You could make up questions about any subject your are studying.
  • I used a plush baseball and foamy bases from the Dollar Tree and played outside on the playground.

  • If you have any questions or would like a copy of my scorecard, comment below. I'll be glad to help in any way that I can.



  1. Cassandra, I had a very similar idea (for tomorrow, of course) with my first graders. I love your twist on things. Your scoreboard would be great to see!
    Thanks, Julie

    1. Here is a link to a simple scorecard. It really helped me keep track of the outs and runs, although the kids did a great job of keeping up with the game.


  2. I would love to get your score board. I uses things like this in my piano theory classes and am always looking for new ideas. Thanks for sharing.