Thursday, February 27, 2014

BAG Bingo

As we are finishing up Recorder Olympics, I am also finishing my Student Growth Goal Data for this year. I set a goal to have 80% or more of 4th grade to pass a quiz reading B, A and G from the staff. We've been drilling these notes so that everyone is familiar! I finished my data last night and 71 of 73 test takers exceeded my goal! Hooray!

That being said, I was looking for a fun BAG activity and couldn't find much available so I made BAG Bingo. These cards have BAG patterns with eighths, quarters and half notes. They are simple and straight to the point. (I intend to make them pretty, though!)

I printed mine on plain white paper, laminated and cut it down to a square card. I wish I had used colored paper but I made these Saturday to use Monday. On Monday, I let the kids partner up. I played a pattern (I kept my own card for checking purposes) and they covered their card based on what I played. This is a great note reading, ear training, and melodic dictation kind of activity and my kids loved it! They are begging to play again. This is even something I plan to leave for a sub (I will appoint a student to play the patterns.)

Get your class set (22) of cards here!


Music in our Schools Month is (almost) here! This year, my 7th grade class and I are decorating music themed doors throughout the school. Here are the ones we've completed so far.

Replica of a cartoon I love

3rd grade (one of my favorite doors)

2nd Grade...with the Picasso Guitars they created

Computer Lab

In the hallway

Gym Office

The iPods have some favorite songs as picked by our teachers.

The library as a boombox. In the windows, there is a list of the top 5 songs for the last 50 years.