Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Boomwhacker Storage

From what I've already experienced, storing Boomwhackers can be a nightmare. I decided to use up-cycled cereal boxes for storage containers. This way, they round plastic tubes can't roll out of the storage closet (like they did when I found them!)

I used 5 cereal boxes (1 larger one for the longer Boomwhackers)
Some cute wrapping paper from the Target dollar bin
And spray adhesive

The process was surprisingly simple. I sprayed the adhesive one side at a time, smoothed out the surface, and repeated the process until all the sides were covered. 

I wrapped the bottom just like wrapping a present...

And flipped in the excess on the top.
This way, I covered the top flaps of the cereal box that I also flipped in and stapled.

And here they are:



  1. I do this for my boomwhackers as well, but I wrapped the boxes in colored construction paper that matches the boomwhackers colors :)

  2. I like yours MUCH better than my solution. I took paper boxes from our copier room and cut circles in the lids the same diameter as the BW. Then slid the boomwhackers into the circles. I think I'll be stealing your idea. I can still use the bottoms of the paper boxes to put all the cereal boxes in. THANKS!