Friday, October 5, 2012

Goin' on a Bear Hunt

Recently, I did a Kindergarten lesson on the book, "Going on a Bear Hunt." They kids loved it and have asking to play the game again and again.

First, I read the book to them. Then we watched this video from Greg and Steve. It is really awesome!

The kids acted out all the movements and got really into it. Next, we played Grumpy Grizzly. This was a total hit!

The kids sit in a circle forming a cave. One student is "sleeping" in the middle. He is the bear. While the we sang the song, the bear pretending to be sleeping. One student was the "sneaker", sneaking around the bear during the song. On the last phrase of the song, "never, ever, ever wake him UP!", the bear pops awake and tags the sneaker. Then the sneaker is the bear.

They have been asking to play this game again and again!

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