Saturday, October 6, 2012

Instrument Scavenger Hunt

In 3rd grade, we are beginning our lesson on the instruments of the orchestra and their families. Being an instrumentalist, I am really excited about this unit. Thankfully, I am fortunate enough to have an instrument from each family to demonstrate for the kids (and hopefully spark some interest in band)!

Since the instrument lesson can seem rather "hands-off", I created an instrument scavenger hunt. We will do this activity after we have covered each family. The students will travel around our end of the building to search out riddles. Once we find a riddle, as a team, we will solve it. The students will record the answer on their hunt sheet.

Here are my riddles.

1. We come as a pair, you could say that we’re twins.
We’re shiny and crash when you play us, my friend.
If you like to make noise and to march in a band,
You’ll love us ’cause we make those marches sound grand!
I’m a ____________________.

2. You can beat me and I won’t get red in the face.
I come in all sizes from snare down to bass.
All bands like to use me to keep a good beat.
As you march me along on your two little feet.
I’m a _________________.

3. I sit on the floor and you sit in a chair.
You play with a bow that’s made of horse hair.
I’m played in a orchestra, a nice wooden fellow.
My name is five letters, they call me a ____________.

4.  If you ask for keys ,you won’t get a car.
But they are black and white, on the bench sits a star.
I’m a _________________.

5. I’m played with a mallet, that’s easy to see.
And there are bars that are big and small across me.
I’m made of wood and come in different sizes.
My music makes lots of terrific surprises!
I’m a _______________.

6.  I have four short strings, but you can’t tie a knot.
I do have a bow so you can play me a lot!
I’m a  ___________________.

7.  I’m held in your hand, and sometimes I’m round.
I need you to shake me or I won’t make a sound.
I jingle and jangle with small metal pieces.
When you leave me alone, my melody ceases.
I’m a ________________.

8. I’m silver and narrow and held in your hands.
Just blow across me for you woodwind fans.
A piccolo’s my cousin, but I’m just a bit longer.
I bet you know now, or do you still have to wonder?
I’m a ________________.

9. Bugs Bunny has played me, charming that snake.
I am an instrument, a lot of work, I do take.
I am long and skinny and double of reed
My instrument is one that every orchestra does need!
I’m a ____________________

10. I am made of brass that slides up and down
If played too loud, you just might frown.
I have a low voice, this is true.
I am part of the brass, there is a clue.

I’m a _________________________

11. I am the instrument that Mrs. Butler plays
Curly and shiny, an instrument that pays.
You can see me at Christmas, on the tree
But that, my friends, is a silly version of me.
I’m a _______________________


  1. I love this! I think I will have to use it as I do my Instrument family units. I am also sure that it connects with a classroom problem solving skill but I'm not exactly sure what benchmark.

  2. I am fortunate enough to have an instrument from each family to demonstrate for the kids (and hopefully spark some interest in band)!Scavenger hunt riddle clues