Wednesday, December 26, 2012

iPad Apps for the Music Room

Now that I have had time to explore the apps available, I've compiled a list of the ones I use everyday. Some are music related and some are technology related.

Music Apps -Instruments and Games
Marimba- Play a digital marimba

Recorder+ Lite- Play your recorder with the app

Rhythm Repeat Lite- This is a very cool game that works on rhythmic dictation.

Name that Note- Quiz on note names with three different difficulties. Con: You can't select a certain range.

Young Genius- LOVE this app! It has three games: instrument sound quiz, memory game, and a composer quiz. I used the sound clip quiz and the memory game during my instruments of the orchestra unit.

Productivity Apps

AirSketch Free- Allows you to connect your ipad to your projector and draw/write on your iPad to display on the screen. I use this during my middle school lecture classes for guided notes.

Remote Mouse- LOVE this app! This allows you to move away from your computer and still have control of your mouse.

Prezi- Prezis are so fun and this app lets you store all the prezis you create on your iPad, present them from the iPad and create them, or so I've read. I couldn't get the templates to load on my iPad.

Flashcards+ This app creates your own flashcards. Because I was not able to control which notes the kids were quizzed on in Name that Note, I made a set of flashcards using the notes we know. It was incredibly easy. There is even an option to add a time limit per side which makes this seem more like a game.

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