Sunday, December 2, 2012

Music in the Movies

In my middle school classes, we have written our own pop songs and studied about the evolution of rap music. Now, we are starting our last unit for the semester...Movie Music!

I am using Music Makes the Scene for some background information and worksheets. The book comes with a DVD of clips and each clip has different music. Using this, we can see how the music really does affect the scene.

Here is my Google presentation on Music in the Movies. I use this with 6th and 7th grade. After the presentation, the students complete a "Ticket out the Door". (That is why some points have **** beside them)


  1. Hi Cassandra-

    I am currently looking at teaching a music in movies unit with my 8th graders. These students are all the non-performing ensemble students in our school so their music skills (composing, etc.) are limited. Any ideas on a project for this unit? Perhaps something with iPads?

    1. You could have the students create sound effects for different movie scenes using loops with garage band (or something similar). If you wanted to take it a step farther, the class could write and film a scene and add their own created sound effects. iMovie is really user friendly.