Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aiken Drum

Now that the snow has passed and we are finally getting back to normal, first graders are reviewing rhythms and performing them.

I am using the Music K-8 arrangement of Aiken Drum (Vol 17, No. 4) so we can review tah and ti-ti with word rhythms.  The song is so silly and perfect for my first graders. This arrangement also has a "Kitchen Band" piece to accompany it. We are going to create our own kitchen band with the word rhythms of Aiken Drum's outfit and perform excerpts of the Music K-8 Kitchen Band arrangement.

Here is a link to the Powerpoint with the lyrics and the word rhythms: Aiken Drum

Once we finish our performances, we are going to create our own version of Aiken Drum with our favorite foods. I will ask the students for a food based on a specific rhythm. Then we will draw him out on the board.

Here are the word rhythms and the instrument he played on.

Cheddar cheese – ti-ti tah on a pie pan
Gingerbread –ti-ti tah on a muffin tin
Tuna fish –ti-ti tah on a serving spoon
Pizza –tah tah on cookie sheet
Raisin toast –ti-ti tah on skillet
String beans –tah tah on a teacup
Tacos –tah tah on tin can

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  1. Cute! I am a first year music teacher as well, and just started my blog! I'll have to check this out in Music K-8.