Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Instrument Case Files Review Game

After Spring Break, we are going to begin instrument of the orchestra. 2nd grade is working on the string family and I needed a way to review during this unit with the other grades. I saw a sort of case files game for preschool on pinterest and adapted the idea for a review game.

The students are paired up and work together to discover which instrument is at which station. The stations are numbered 1-10 in the music room and the instruments at the station are partially covered. The students must use what they know about the design of the instrument and the size to decided what each instrument is. Once they have figured it out, they write the name of the instrument on the correct line of their worksheet. The worksheet also has a word bank for additional help.

This is my clue for String Bass

Here is a link to the game printables.


  1. What kind of clues are you using?

    1. I cut out the pictures of the instruments included in the packet uploaded on Google Docs. Then I glued them to a piece of cardstock and partially covered the instrument with pieces of colored paper. The students then worked in pairs to figure out which instrument it was. They had to use what they know about the size and shape and how you play each instrument to figure them out. I posted a picture of a clue in the original post.