Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Instruments of the Orchestra Games

At the end of our instruments unit, 4th graders will be playing review games! I created an instrument version of Battleship that is played the exact same way as the original version.

 Each player places their instruments on their hidden grid. There is also a tracking sheet that I laminated for each player to keep track of the hits and misses that they have called for their opponent's grid. The players call out locations on the grid and the opponent replies with hit or miss. The player then records (with an expo marker) that information on their tracking grid. This is how the player can figure out where their opponent's instruments are placed.

If the opponent calls a location on the grid where the player has an instrument, the player must reply hit and place a hit marker on their grid, over the instrument on that square.

The game is over when one player has figured our where their opponent's instruments are place. The tracking sheet and the player's grid must match.

To make 1 game (2 folders), you will need: 2 manilla folders, 2 cover pages, 4 grids (2 glued in the folders and 2 laminated) 2 expo markers, Instrument pieces and hit covers, cut out,

The printable is here.

We are also going to play a trivia game. I have used this template before to create trivia games for other topics and the kids love it. I set up two stools with 2 tone bells and a mallet on each. When a student is up to answer a question, they use the bell to buzz in.The bells are two different pitches so I can tell who buzzed in first. Here is a link to the Jeopardy game I created for the instruments of the orchestra.

Here is the link to a previous post on an instrument scavenger hunt. I placed these clues around the school and the students loved hunting for them and answering the riddles!

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  1. Hello! I love these resources! I just wanted to let you know that I will be referring to this post, directing teachers to your blog, for Instruments of the Orchestra ideas and teaching about orchestral music at an upcoming workshop here in Manitoba!