Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Amazing Race: World Music Unit

I have been looking forward to a world music unit this year, especially after finding Jamie's World Music Bundle. This set is so great! She included everything that you need and my favorite, a recording of each song with the pronunciation.

I am planning the world music unit for my rowdy 3rd grade classes. These classes require lots of activity and movement. That being said, I created an Amazing Race World Music Game.

I love the Amazing Race!

My plans are to teach a song and game for the destination country and then teams will complete the Detour and Roadblock challenges. Some challenges are musical and some are just fun. I have a bunch of rowdy boys to win over!

Below are examples of some of the cards for the challenges. I tried to recreate the Amazing Race with similar procedures. The first card is a Route Info card. This card details the game and offers clues as to the destination. The clues are especially easy because the song we learn each day is from our location.

A Detour card is a choice between two challenges; one is a mental challenge, the other is physical. The team performs this task together.
 A Roadblock is a challenge the the team members must work separately on. (In the real game, only one member performs the challenge, but I didn't want one student from each team to be left out.)
 You can download the challenge cards HERE!

And now, for the songs and challenges. So far, I have 3 weeks of the unit complete. I will be adding more when they are complete.

Epo I Tai Tai E
I learned this song and activity at a general music conference and thought it was perfect to include in this unit. You can find it (and all the songs) in Jamie's set.

Detour Challenges: Perform Epo I Tai Tai E with the hand game OR Successfully perform the limbo.
(Like in the Amazing Race, there is only one Limbo set...if students choose this task, they may lose time waiting for a turn)
Roadblock: One team member assembles a puzzle of the ukulele. Once complete, the other team member labels the parts.

Supplies Needed:
Limbo set made of PVC
Ukulele puzzle (made from this worksheet) and labels (just print and cut out)


Kicikicikici song and game
Detour Challenges: Chopstick Challenge: Share a pair of chopsticks with a partner to place 5 items in the cup OR recreate the Chinese symbol meaning music 音乐.
Roadblock:  Taste Test
One team member will pick a mystery food and the other team member must take 3 bites. The mystery food is only baby food!

Supplies Needed:
Chopsticks and items to pick up: marble, eraser, marshmallow, a cheeto, a piece of yarn
Markers and paper to draw the symbol
Baby food and spoons

Bonjour Mes Amis
Detour Challenges: Construct a paper plane and hit a target (since we have to "fly" from China to France) OR Collect coins from a bowl of escargot (cooked round noodles with some olive oil for extra slime). The team will be blindfolded for the pasta challenge.
Roadblock: Construct a replica of the Eifel Tower that is equal to the height of a team member. (We did a cup stacking challenge with Carnival of the Animals from Mrs. King's Blog and they loved it!)

Supplies Needed:
Paper for a plane and a target (I might add some wet red paint to the target so teams are sure they hit it)
Cooked round noodles
Plastic cups

I will be adding the rest of the locations and challenges when I have them finished!


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  2. hello!
    I am VERY interested in incorporating world music this year into my curriculum and would love to use this game! I am a little confused about how to really play and was hoping you can lead me into the right place to get an idea of how it works? Also, have you had any chance to get the other songs you use together? I also purchased the world music bundle from Jamie.

    THanks for your help and wonderful resource!