Sunday, August 11, 2013

Classroom Tour

I think I am finally done with my classroom for this year! It was so much easier the second time around!
Here are some pictures!

First, my new curtains! I reused some sheer panels from last year and made 2 panels from fabric we found at Wal-Mart. The valence is actually a vinyl table skirt that we found at a going out of business sale! It already had the peel and stick feature so all we had to do was cut it off to fit the window.

The ukulele cart is now between the windows. I added a vinyl sticker that my husband bought for me. Last year, I had an old tv on a wooden cart there. After an entire year of not using it, I gifted it to another teacher in need. So, I had a big open space to fill this year.

This was on the first day getting back into my room. Thanks to Pinterest, I am using book covers on the backs of my chairs to house pencils, expo markers and erasers. I think that will save time when transitioning between activities.

Also, the cabinets I covered in a scene-setter background last year are now serving as an additional bulletin board. I covered them with a vinyl tablecloth and used magnetic tape to attach my border! Very Easy!!

Thanks to Cara at Miscellaneous Me for the anchor charts! These are so great and fit my classroom perfectly. You can get them from her blog here.

 My piano will work so much better here! BUT, I needed wheels so I could roll it out. The scooters were just for moving purposes but it gave me a great idea....

Furniture movers! I found these at Big Lots for $9.00! And they are the perfect size! When I looked at an actual piano mover/roller/cart, I could get one for $350.00!

I'm also loving the new cover on the piano bench. I love that pattern.

I bought these genre posters last year and placed them above my board; however, that was just too high to use them. So, this year they are more accessible and I'm so glad. They will really help during the 6th grade History of Rock unit.

I debated about using Recorder Karate and finally decided to try it. I didn't want to go overboard with the karate theme so it is very subtle.

Again, thanks to Pinterest, I found so many recorder resources so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel! (which has made my summer so much more relaxing)

Thanks to...
Lauren at Rhythm and Glues for the recorder fingering charts. You can visit her blog here!
Emily at The Sweetest Melody for the Recorder Job Lanyards. You can visit her blog here!
The recorder rules picture from Pinterest! See it here! (If it is yours, let me know so I can give credit!)

I created an 11x17 chart to keep up with who has passed off which belt. You can write the students' names in the blanks and fill in the appropriate box once they have passed off that song. Download it here.

I also made a chart that lets everyone know which song correlates with which belt. I had a fear that students would be asking a million questions about this so I made this chart. You can download it here.

My choir section of the board. I included the choir tips charts and the singing shapes posters as well as a dry erase calendar from the Dollar Tree.

Finally, the ukulele section of my board. This one is not totally complete. I kinda just stuck it up there. I have my student expectations and the 4 chords we are going to (hopefully) master. Also, love that little ukulele chihuahua.

 My one and only formal bulletin board. I wanted to use birds in my room this year so I am calling them song birds. Song birds sing solfege so their word bubbles are do, re, mi.

I made the birds from scrap paper that matched my theme with inspiration from Carson Dellosa's Boho Birds (they kinda scared me a little...weird eyes)

Here is a close up of the poster in the middle. I want to print it 11x17 but that requires a trip to Office Depot. I'll get to it...  This came from here!

My door!! I kinda love how it turned out! I wanted to do an advocacy type door for Back to School Night when parents will be buzzing about. I just cut out a thought bubble from poster board, added some letters and cut out some question marks.

Here is an up close of the answers to the question! You can download them here!

 Unrelated to my room, are these two pictures. The guidance counselor and I have teamed up to make a bulletin board for parents and students to identify ways they can get involved. I added band and choir and she wanted to include a Get Fit program. Between the two of us, we came up with other programs we already had at school to include on our board.

Also, the librarian and I came up with a no curtain, no blinds, no sew, window covering for her windows in the library. We coordinated our fabrics, covered cut pieces of foam board, attached the fabric with no sew double sided fabric tape and stapled the corners (essential upholstering the foam board). We cut the board the exact size of the window so the squares fit snug in the window.



  1. I love your color scheme, very cute! :)

    1. Thank you! I love "Tiffany Blue" and I found a gallon on clearance for next to nothing so I painted those rough looking shelves and cubbies. Magically, it all came together!

  2. Hi Cassandra,
    I love your display boards, they've given me lots of inspiration, thank you. Did you buy the borders for the display boards (the blue one and the green patterned one) or did you make them?

    1. I bought them from a local teacher supply store. I think they are both from Teacher Created Resources. Here's a link to the green border: