Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

This past week was our first week back to school for inservices. Our band director is retiring after this year and he has asked me to take over more of his band responsibilities at the middle school. So, there is a big chance that I will be moving to beginning band for grades 5-7 and only teaching general music for K-4. Nothing is official yet due to scheduling but it is more probable than possible.

So, being the obsessive preparer that I am, I created some resources for my (hopefully) new band classes! Plus, after sitting in those teacher evaluation meetings, standards are on my brain.

Here are some sample standards posters for beginning band based on the Virginia Music Standards of Learning, which are based on the National Music Education Standards.

The wording is adapted for a middle school level. A teacher I worked with in college (while Tennessee was going through their new teacher evaluation training), created a poster that had basic beginning band standards that we do everyday because we are developing skills throughout the class, hence "Everyday, we will.."

You can download all 8 HERE.

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