Monday, September 3, 2012

Note Card Rhythms

I saw a picture floating around on pinterest and I've been pondering how I can incorporate it into my classroom.

Here's the pinterest picture:

I knew I could use this idea somehow, so while I was at Target yesterday, I picked up some unruled note cards for 50 cents each. 

I started writing various rhythms of one beat:, then I decided that was silly, so I added all the rhythms that we know. But, that's as far as I got. 

So, today I figured out a way we could use the note cards. I'm planning to make each student in the class (25 sets total) a pack of cards. They will include a whole note, 2 half notes, 4 quarters, 4 sets of eighths, 2 half rests, and 2 quarter rests. 

I am going to speak/clap/play a 4 beat rhythm pattern and the students will arrange their note cards in the correct order. They will use their clipboards as a lapdesk to place their arrangements and I will walk around to check them.

I can also ask for student volunteers to perform a pattern for the class to figure out. 

Very excited to try this Thursday with 4th grade!


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