Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recorder Hero

I'm so excited because our recorders should be here Friday! The 4th graders are so antsy! They ask me about them everyday. So in preparation for the arrival of the recorders, I changed my bulletin board.

Instead of Recorder Karate, we are doing Recorder Hero (same premise, different name, some different tunes)

Here is the board. I found those file folders on clearance at Walmart for 50 cents, so I had to incorporate them somehow. I am using them to store the music and fingering charts.


  1. Your bulletin board is so cute! What great folders. I like the idea of storing the music/fingering charts right on the board. There is definitely no question about where to go to find what they need. I don't have much bulletin board space in my classroom but I really need to better define where these resources are in my room. This post has started the wheels turning. I'll have to think about where I can do something similar. :)

  2. did you make your own new songs for recorder hero or did you find them somewhere? Which new songs are you doing that are different from recorder karate?

    1. I did some hunting and gathering for recorder tunes. I have an awesome method book for recorder that has accompaniments with it. I wanted to use some of those tunes so they kids could perform with the backing track.

      I did arrange a couple of the tunes. Each song in the unit is a different level. The levels relate to a rock band some way. The final level is recorder hero and I arranged the melody Iron Man for recorder. The game is the same premise as Karate with the levels instead of belts.

      Here is a link to the sequencing chart for each level and the tunes. I have them all arranged and saved as musescore files (not a big fan of finale when it comes to recorders) Musescore is a free software that is really simple to use. If you would like the tunes, I can send them, but you will have to use musescore to open them. I downloaded it to my school computer with no problem.


    2. Do you mind sharing which methods book you have? I'd also love to get the Musescore files if you don't mind sharing.

    3. I really like Fun with the Recorder by Frank Zeidler. I found it at a used book store for 60 cents! It is perfect for 4th graders learning to read music. There are a ton of B and A songs for them to practice reading music.

      I also use Do It! Play Recorder by James Froseth. This book has cd accompaniment and my 4th graders love playing with the cd. The songs advance pretty quickly so I have to modify some of the pieces.

      Oh, and I will send the Musescore files!

  3. Cassandra - I am looking for an alternative to Recorder Karate and this looks great. Would you mind sending any files on the tunes (scores and arrangements) you have used? I have current fifth graders who blasted through all of Recorder Karate last year PLUS some bonus belts. I need more material and I love the rock theme you have created.