Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Think Spot

I've seen it work a million times over...Time Out! That seems to be a go-to punishment and really, it makes sense. After a warning, removing the child from the situation is the logical choice (to me). So, in my classroom, we will have a time out corner. However, I'm adding a twist to it.

I'm calling the time out corner, the Think Spot. I found a cute little sign in the Walmart Dollar Bin to hang back there that says "Take It Easy".

While the student is in the Think Spot, they will have a paper to fill out. This paper allows them to reflect on the choices they have made to land them in the spot. Reflection is the only way they will understand the punishment. Here's a picture of my Think Spot worksheet:
I think this is also a good thing to put in the child's file. If things escalate and a parent must be contacted, I will have documentation of the behavior(s).

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