Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Night Plans

Next week, our school hosts a Back to School night. The kids come to meet their teachers (and new teachers), drop off supplies and get back in the swing of things. I'm told there "could" be some big interest in a new music teacher! So, in hopes (and preparation) that my room is buzzing with interested kids and their parents, here are my plans.

Thanks to Mrs. Q's Music Blog for some these great ideas!

I'm really, really hoping there are people in my room! I have planned some different things to keep people busy if they happen to be talking to me.

First, I will have a movie playing on my tv in the back of the room. This movie outline what we are covering, materials the kids need, and information about chorus.

Next, I am going to have a large piece of bulletin board paper outside my door with the question, "How was your summer musical?" I am going to encourage students (and parents) to write a message and draw pictures to represent their experiences in music over the summer.

From the advice of experienced music teachers, I have created "Do Not Touch the Instruments" signs for the music room. I'm going to cover my instrument storage shelves with the signs and place them on the Orff instruments and the piano. I'm actually going to unplug the the piano, just in case. (I've ALREADY had adults in my room having a piano recital! Come on!) The temptation is just too great.

I have a rolling cart covered in cute contact paper that I am using to store the music portfolios. I am going to have all the music paperwork available for the parents here. This includes my music newsletter, recorder order form, and choir information.

As far as choir, I have a special green clipboard with a sign-up sheet attached for those students already interested in choir. With this sign-up sheet, I'm planning to get contact information from the parents to add to a emailing list so we establish communication about rehearsals, concerts, trips and general reminders.

Lastly, the thing I'm most excited about it is my QR code! Thanks to Pinterest, I found a site that allowed me to make a contact card with all my contact information. Parents with smartphones will be able to scan the QR code with a reader app and instantly save my contact information in their phone! So cool!

Here's a picture of my code. I'm going to have these posters hung around my room and outside my door.

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  1. I love the QR code idea. I'm going to have to try this for Open House! Thanks for posting this.