Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Survived!

 I survived the first two days of school! Whoo-Hoo! Everything went as planned for the most part and my "first day of music plans" went amazingly. Here's what I had planned...

Meet the Teacher Board: This was such a great piece to have in my room. I used it to show the kids who I was, but also it helped me remember what I had to tell each class about myself. They loved the pictures!

Rules Discussion: After I told them about myself, I talked about our special music room rules and the star chart. I showed them each rule and I had the students talk to me about what it meant. They did really well explaining the rules and I helped them when needed.

Oh, and they totally understood the star chart. When they break a rule, I take a star down. Their eyes got so big! I told them they can earn a star back and when they earn six stars on their star chart, they get to bring a CD or iPod and we will listen to their favorite songs. They were so excited! Adorable.

Name Game: I did this game with every grade except Kindergarten. I had each class make a circle. I started the game by telling them my name and doing a funny dance move. Then I threw out some moves for the kids to try (sprinkler, hula girl, robot, shuffle, thriller claws, moonwalk, the twist, etc.) Each student said their name and performed their funny dance move and the class repeated their name and move. It really helped me remember their names.

The outgoing kids LOVED this game and the shy ones eventually loosened up by their turn (or the end of the game).  

20 Questions: After the Name Game, I had the student sit back down on the rug and asked them if they had any questions for me and they did! I answered those and then got my basket of questions for them. I cut up 30 get to know you questions and but them in a basket. For each student, I pulled a question and had them answer it. This was also a chance for me to quiz myself on their names.

This game was really fun. The kids wanted to answer all the questions so I had to remind them not to blurt out and to only speak when it was their turn. They caught on quickly.

For the little ones, we played Freeze Dance for about 5 minutes at the end of class. I played "Call Me Maybe" since it was the first day of school and they went crazy! They were singing along! It was a huge hit. Fourth graders even liked it!


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