Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Rock Star Status" Chair

Thanks again to Pinterest, I was crafting all day yesterday. Earlier this summer, I saw a picture of a chair that had been painted all kinds of crazy colors. I thought it would be an awesome reward in my classroom for my special helper to sit in. I've been looking for months for a cheap, wooden chair and yesterday, I finally found one!

I couldn't be too picky because these things are hard to find! I went to the local goodwill and it was the first thing I saw, sitting right next to the door. AND it was only 7 bucks!

After priming, designing and painting, we finished it. This was an ALL DAY project!

A "Rock Star Status" chair!
(I did borrow the zebra print idea from Pinterest, but everything else just happened.)
"The tackier, the better!"

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