Thursday, August 2, 2012

Boomwhacker Brilliance!

I was searching the web for boomwhacker music when I saw a video about teaching boomwhackers with the interactive smartboard. Since I'm still waiting for mine to get here, I adapted the lesson.

I cut out colored circles that coordinate with the color of the boomwhackers. I can stick these on the white board and use them to teach beginning boomwhacker rhythms and ensemble playing. I made a set with the corresponding letter and two sets without the letter.

I also plan to use these in what I've adapted to be "Boomwhacker Mystery Pieces." I will arrange the circles in a myster order. There will be 3-4 groups and the object of the game is for the group to figure out what the mystery piece is. Once they think they have it, they will perform it for the class.

Lastly, these serve as a great way to incorporate composition into the classroom. That standard always poses a problem but using these is a great way for the students to experiment with arranging sounds in a different order and composing their own boomwhacker piece!

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