Thursday, August 9, 2012

Standards of Learning

 Today, while sitting in a meeting about the new Virginia teacher evaluation system, I had a creative moment. I realized that, just like in Tennessee, I will post the national standards for music education in my room. I also decided that I would make a specific board just for the standard that is covered each day.

I wanted it to be dry erase so I laminated two poster boards, put a cute polka dot tape around the edges and applied wall decal stickers. I bought some special "teacher only" dry erase markers in cute colors that matched perfectly!

National Standards for Music Education
Poster for daily standards met during lesson


  1. Cassie, Tell me how can you laminate 2 poster boards? Are school laminating machines large enough for one at a time?? love the idea.

    1. I laminated these boards on the school laminating machine. It was plenty big enough. If yours isn't, you could try Office Depot/Max/Kinkos. I've also found that the colored markers don't erase as well on laminated boards. You have to really scrub if you use a color.